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Advertising dogs that have not been desexed on online sites is the perfect place for puppy farmers and backyard breeders to search for mature dogs to be used for breeding purposes.

It is a big business for them, however the adult dogs in breeding sheds receive little/no veterinary treatment, little to eat or drink, and live out their lives in appalling conditions. Once they are too old or sick to make money for the puppy farmer any more, they are left to die or are shot.

Puppy farmers are impossible to recognise ... they come across as really genuine pet lovers looking for a dog for their children!

We urge you to look at the photos below, which show just a few of the dogs we have found in Australian puppy farms recently.

It would make ALL the difference to the safety and well-being of your dog if you could have them desexed prior to sale.

For a relatively small investment in desexing, you can ensure that your loyal friend does not end up with one of the many backyard breeders that contribute to the misery you can see in the photos. Consider it as an insurance policy – it’s the right thing to do.

There are links at the top of this page to some organisations that could help you rehome or with desexing costs should you need assistance. People wanting to provide a good home for your dog will not mind that it has been desexed, and in fact it will make it easier for them to say “yes”!

Photos of cruelty inflicted by Puppy Farmers in Australia
Poodles and poodle cross breeds are extremely popular with puppy farmers, as they can keep many dogs in tiny cages until needed for breeding.
All breeds of dogs are purchased by puppy farmers.
These two Whippets were found in a locked, dark shed. There was no bedding, no windows in the shed and no water. Dog faeces and urine cover every inch of the dirt floor.

Even though it is the puppies that bring in the large cash revenue for puppy farmers, they rarely receive veterinary treatment, and are left to die if they become ill.
This 6 week old golden retriever puppy was one of many found dead at a puppy farm in Victoria.
It is not only entire females that are purchased by puppy farmers. Male dogs are bought for stud purposes, and used to produce puppies until they get sick or slowly die of starvation.

Not only small dogs live a life of misery in these dog breeding factories. Just as many large dogs are purchased by puppy farmers to supply the overseas market with big fluffy dogs. Locked in a shed all day with no interaction or exercise, these active dogs slowly go insane.
This dog was found outside chained inside a wire cage. It was a cold night, there was virtually no shelter, no bedding or raised surface for this dog to get out of the dirt, or move around so he can escape the weather.

Dogs are left in isolation outside when not being used for breeding. They can remained chained to a kennel outside 24 hours a day, except for the time when they have a litter of puppies.
Many dogs are kept confined and isolated in between being used for breeding. As this dog has no 'money producing puppies'at the moment, she is not provided with any bedding or warmth, nor does she get to leave this pen.

This beautiful old pug (8 years of age) has had BOTH her eyes removed by the puppy farmer, as it was less expensive than treating the infections. He refused to surrender her to Pug Rescue as he is going to breed with her again.
This young male pug was rescued after being found with demodex mange - this shocking condition could easily have been treated and the suffering avoided

Please prevent this from happening to your dog.
Desex prior to sale and prevent your dog ending up in the wrong hands.

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